Ryougi Shiki! Bluestarbaby’s bday! Lynn Canyon! Chibi Saber diary 2/Repair! Oh my!

My Custom DD is near complete! But since she got her hair, she is officially born! August 31st shall be her day! Ryougi Shiki! Let’s see what Shiki is up to now!

“Hey Shiki!”
Shiki: …

Shiki: Dad, Go away, I’m sleeping.

“You’ve been around for a bit, are you getting along with your sisters? Oh and about your haircut I gave you… it’s not the best, but I’ll do better next time.”
Shiki: … *glares*

Shiki: *Scary voice* I’m tired. I’m. Trying. To. Sleep! (Last image before the destruction of my camera)

(Brings out second camera)
“So… have you met Shiki yet Kudo?”
Kudo: (covering face)… yeah… she’s um… definitely an asset. Yes. But she better stay out of my way! (looks away)

“What about you two? Did you chat at all?”
Aoi: … mmm yes, she’s very quiet and just lazes around… I don’t feel as useless… but
Mari: … she’s definitely the strongest out of all of us. I don’t think she wants to be bothered… so we’ll just do our thing.
Sakuya: I don’t need to challenge her to know that I’ll get killed… my time stop won’t do anything against the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception… I respect her power and her privacy. I’m sure she’ll warm up to us soon Father!
So that’s my 5th (and possibly my strongest) Daughter! Ryougi Shiki! Her red jacket is in the works right now, and when that is done, the full Ryougi Shiki image shall be complete! In the mean time, I’ll need to get another wig for her. I’m OK with her current hair/my haircut job, but it definitely bothers me still, so yeah. Going to replace that soon-ish.

Next up! Bluestarbaby‘s bday party! Shiki was in a FAIR mood, so she decided to tag along with Sakuya…
Maid~! Butler~!

Chun‘s Taigaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
Taiga daisuki!
Shiki borrowing Kudo’s war fan to cover up her eyes. Don’t question it or you might be killed.

Lightning Sabre‘s Nendobitsu!
Yuki’s girl decided to hit Sakuya with her fans because she wasn’t servicing hard enough.
Sakuya: Alright that’s enough. Since you are a guest, I’ve been reluctant to act…. but enough is enough. One more time and I’ll skewer you into a wall!
It’s fun to stay at the… Y M C A!!!

Picture of Kudo first getting her war fan! I think she likes it!
Chun’s new summer dresses! Aoi~! Lovely!

Mari too~! Thanks Chun~! Excellent work as usual!Off to Lynn Valley~ enjoying nature with Chibi Saber!
Chibi Saber: Uuu. She scares me! What if she gets ear wax on me?

Navci‘s Tomato~! SO CUTE!
Chibi Saber: Finally… some clothes!
“Well…these belong to Lightning Sabre’s Nendobitsu… just being lent for now.
Chibi Saber: Aawwwww…

“Hey! you two match!”
Chibi Saber: He scares me too! Look at his feet… hooves! Get me out of this outfit!
Chibi Saber: There are spider webs everywhere T_T
“You look stunning Saber”
Chibi Saber: I got dust in my eyes T_T

Chibi Saber: Root Beer cupcakes… I want some~!
Chibi Saber: Cookies too!
Chibi Saber: Now I’m thirsty!
Chibi Saber: !!!
“Saber… please get out of the basket”
Chibi Saber: *Om nom nom* One more second please!
At this point, Chibi Saber ate soooooooo hard. That her crappy neck piece snapped in half. So I told her to go back in spirit form for the rest of the day and will make immediate repairs when we get home. In the mean time, Navci’s Tomato is the center of my attention for the rest of the stay.
Tomato kawaii~!

BACK HOME! OK~! This time I kicked the neck piece’s ass and did an awesome job that took 8 times FASTER to do. LISTEN CAREFULLY!

First take neck piece, sand down just the bottom beg until it can fit properly. The new better one to the left and the horrible old one that broke but I super glued back on the right.
STEP 2: I sanded down the neck of the Obitsu 11 cm body until it almost reached to where the shaft is held. More or less sanded most of the neck piece away. Why you ask? why see below!
By sanding down the Obitsu neck almost all the way down, you can see that you no longer need to sand the ball of the nendo neck piece. That way, the ball can rest easily on the neck. ALSO! This way, the Nendo Obitsu looks like it has a shorter neck! If you recall my problem with it before was that it looked like the Nendo Obitsu had a long neck! This REALLY helps.

Your final step is to make sure the shaft fits neatly in there, and then super glue it so it doesn’t pop out. Because the ball piece wasn’t sanded down, it can move up and down a lot more easily. Also the neck piece in general is a lot sturdier because it hasn’t been sanded into a piece of poop.

“Hey Saber, how do you feel?”
Chibi Saber: Uguuuu I feel like my head popped off… I’ll never eat so much again!
“That’s a lie and you know it!”
Chibi Saber: …yeah. At least my neck is sturdier and thus can support more food going down my stomach!
And that’s that! Massive update is massive! Until next time on Gamer Anime Complex! Which is soon! New shipment soooooooooon!

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2 Responses to Ryougi Shiki! Bluestarbaby’s bday! Lynn Canyon! Chibi Saber diary 2/Repair! Oh my!

  1. You really worked on Saber real fast there! And awesome Shiki sleeping scene!

  2. chun says:

    Aoi chan and Mari chan are lovely models, I approve! lol I snotted when I read “sanded into a piece of poop” LOL

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