I love stuff! August shipment!

Yay! More loot! Poorness level increased! I wish the Yen would drop in power sometime soon. It’s killllllliinnnngggg me… as impossible as it sounds.

SABERS!They are adorable! And they are my first plushies with the movable arms and legs. Their swords can be detached as well with the power of MAGNETISM!
Bought a magazine too! This probably upped my shipping like hell! Damnable paper! Why are you so heavy?
Of course I bought the magazine because it came with an adorable little Saber Extra!
After all these years and barely playing my PSP. It is time to mod it! JUST BEFORE THE NEW PSP COMES OUT OF COURSE!
Noel Vermillion from BlazBlue! mmmm Noel.
The back is the best part! Oh well, now that I’m done with this, time to buy the new PSP! (throws this PSP aside)
Yay! Amagami stuff! I love Amagami! There are 7 characters (apparent from the pictures on this box)
BUT THERE ARE NINE OF THEM! And no secret characters either… come oooon duplicates of Kaoru! Time to open from top left to bottom right!
First is Ai!
Then Tsukasa!
Haruka! X 2!!
MIIIYYAAAA~!! Hrrrrrnnnnn! ALSO TIMES 2!
Glutton…I mean Rihoko.
Oh Kaoru! You and your sexy hair!
Get out of my face Sae! And that’s all! To any one who reads this… if you want to buy my extra Haruka or Miya, just let me know!
Mmmmm new Nendoroid. It’s been a while. Imuka from Valkyria Chronicles 3. Haven’t even beaten 2 yet, but I can’t wait for this one to be localized.
Imuka is pretty! Her blue armor is VERY shiny! I love shiny!
A new way to hold up Nendos! THE POWER OF MAGNETISM IS SUPREME ONCE AGAIN! Magneto would be proud.
Imuka and her giant gun cannon thing. It has a bloody bayonet on it… she must be strong! She’s a fine soldier indeed!
That is all for the loot! Until next time on Gamer Anime Complex!

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