Long week of stuff (but few pictures!)

So first off, some news. I’m going to do my very best to start chronicling more adventures of my daughters. At least once a week, of them, doing… something! Instead of just waiting for meets. Though recently I’ve been rather drained, there has been much to do. Anyways. Let’s hope I can keep this promise!

Starting off, we had a small Metrotown meet, where we sat at the park next to the Burnaby Public Library. Decides to take Mari and Aoi out for a bit so they can enjoy what’s left of summer with their new summer dresses.
They look stunning as usual!
Then the next day, we did the Deer Lake walk! Since there was much walking, there was very little.. dolling. So I only brought Chibi Saber. We found a nice spot that we decided to stand around for a bit to get SOME pictures.

After Deer Lake, we went to THE ONE. Mostly because Chibi Saber was hungry.
The slushes there are the largest drinks in all of bubble tea world! I didn’t get a full picture of the drink… because it almost toppled over.
Then the NEXT day, we went to Kaionlriu‘s place to help him move all his figures and stuff into the house next door. After that, he made awesome dinner. I brought Kudo and Sakuya that day. Very little dolling that day as well.
ODEN! NIKUJAGA (but with carrots instead of potato)! BROCOLLI! Yum!
Kudo readies her fork…
Sakuya: Yes Kudo?
Kudo: Stop time immediately! So we may get the best pieces first!
Kudo: What the?!
“Let’s enjoy our meal together Kudo, don’t go abusing Sakuya’s powers now”
Kudo: Very well Papa… but who or what is this?! Bah! I could EAT you purple haired one! But I’d sooner have Oden!
And Oden we had. Then the NEXT day (back to work, was a long week of doing things), I finally get my imported copy of Tales of Xillia! Still waiting for the previous Tales of Graces F to be brought out in North America… but oh well. It’s all in Japanese and I never played it before… this will be tough! More on it later!
Hey! I actually get something!
The main heroine! Millia Maxwell keychain thing! Neat!
That’s all! 4 days worth of stuff! Few pictures but oh well! Long week was loooooooong. Tired. Must play more Xillia. Review on it later! (haven’t done one of those in ages). And as promised, hopefully I’ll start on a weekly update detailing the things my girls do around the house. Until next time on Gamer Anime Complex!

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One Response to Long week of stuff (but few pictures!)

  1. Kaionlriu says:

    thanks again for helping me move! I’m slowly moving everything over this week, once that’s done and dealt with (and when the tenant moves the pile of poop out of the living room) maybe we can have a more proper housewarming party. with movies and events planned.
    oh and this is a really really cute picture! wafuuu!

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