Belcarra Park hike! Chibi Saber Diary 3!

Meets meets meets. And not enough pictures. Friday went karaoke, dinner and dessert. Om nom nom. Took my Aoi and Mari out because they wanted to. Shiki is constantly lazing around, Kudo is handling business and Sakuya is helping around the house.

Got to see Sid’s new girls! they are so adorable. Left is Beatrice and Right is Caroline. I loves Beatrice, she has these amazing blue eyes.
Then today we went to Belcarra park in Port Moody. Pretty and wet and lots of steepness and dirt and slippery rocks and stuff. Chibi Saber usually tags along on these hikes.
*Guh, huff puff*
Cliff overlooking the awesome.
Man wave boarding I guess it’s called. Looks fun actually.
Chibi Saber has been brought out. She shall chronicle the remainder of this entry.

Chibi Saber: Phew… that was a long hike.
“You were in my bag the whole time… what do you mean phew?”
Chibi Saber: T_T
Chibi Saber: Ewwww seaweeeeed!
Chibi Saber was too grossed out by this giant dead jelly fish.
Chibi Saber: These rocks are slippery…
Chibi Saber: Did you take a picture yet? This rock is wet… my butt is wet!
Chibi Saber: I think I’m getting hungry…
Beatrice and Caroline got new wigs…ADORABLE.
Can’t go on a hike without a maid to carry our stuff. And serve tea.
Chibi Saber: Can we go for food yet?
Once again, people were tired of her adorableness and requirement of food, so they put her on a plank and pushed our out into the water.

Chiber Saber: Eeeeeek! Sorry! Help!
Chibi Saber: …
Chibi Saber: Am I the only one that finds Pong disturbingly happy all the time?
Chibi Saber: Why do I have to take a picture with them?  Who is she? There jellyfish down there! I don’t want to fall!
Last two shots of the day.
Had a great time, wonderful scenery and the weather cleared up mid way during our hike. Park started getting busy at this point.
That’s all for now! Until next time on Gamer Anime Complex!

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