Sakuya cleans!

In preparation for this Sundays big birthday party for Aoi and Mari, Sakuya has decided to start doing some early cleaning.

Sakuya: Oh Father, I wish you’d get me a broom already. I know swiffer is awesome but I prefer the old fashioned things.

*Sakuya humming her theme song Flowering Nights*
Sakuya: Another swiffer product… I wish I had a mop.
Sakuya: This could use fluffing…
Sakuya: Perfect!
Sakuya: Shiki never makes the bed… nor Father for that matter.
*tuck tuck tuck*
Sakuya: Phew! All done for tonight!
Sakuya: Ah Shiki! Bed already? I just made it. Could you try not to…
Sakuya: Ugh.
Shiki: zzzzzzz….kill….zzzzzzzzzz
Sakuya: Gah! Who left this wrapper on the floor? Cheese string?! disgusting.
Mari: *omnomnom* Did you find the game yet? the one that came last week?
Aoi: Yup! Tales of Xillia! I heard it’s awesome! Co-op too!
Sakuya: !! I cleaned that area !! Grrrrrrrrrr!
Kudo: Do what you must, you have my permission.
Sakuya: Thank you Kudo!
Sakuya: Who do you think I did all this cleaning for? Clean the mess you just made!
Aoi and Mari: Uuuuuuunnngggh…
Aoi: My butt…
Mari: My head…
Sakuya: Quit complaining and get to work!
And that’s that! In case you wonder what Sakuya’s theme sounds like… here it is! 

Aside from that, if no one has noticed…Gamer Anime Complex has finally gotten it’s own domain! Woot! no more stupid next to my awesome title! For 25 bucks, not too shabby :P. Feeling cooler already. Anyways. That’s all for this week! Tune in next week for more shenanigans on Gamer Anime Complex!

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4 Responses to Sakuya cleans!

  1. Yeah.. I see Sakuya won’t even mess with Shiki XD

  2. Ichi Roll says:

    I love seeing the Giants handkerchief among the games. How random…

  3. navci says:

    I like the picture with the knives all stuck in the head. XD

  4. puppy52doll says:

    Aoi chan nice butt… lol

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