Training Day

Kudo: General! I asked you to move up! The enemy is going to break through! You better hold the line or else you won’t be holding onto your head when I’m done with you!
General: Right away!
(Background) Woooo!

Kudo: Woo? What is going on?!
General: Lord General Kudryavka! We’re pinned! What do we do?!
Mari: Hahaha! Boom headshot! My kill/death ratio is 50:0! These punks got nothing on me!
Aoi: Mari… I want to play.
Mari: Quiet! I’m on a slaughtering streak here.
Kudo: (Mumbling) Those girls… all they do is laze around…
Sakuya: Yes Kudo?
Kudo: Get those two off their asses and do something with them! They begin… no. They have been annoying me for quite some time!
Sakuya: It shall be done.Kudo: Who told you to dig in?
General: My apologies Lord General, we had to fall back… we were not receiving orders and casualties were too great.
Kudo: Get your asses out of that ditch and rush them fool! You outnumber them! The enemy will run out of ammo before you run out of men! NOW GO! If any one retreats… KILL THEM!
General: Yes Lord General!
Mari: Ha! See how I knifed the entire team? I’m awesome!
Aoi: …
Mari: What the! No! I almost got my 100th kill!
Mari: Gah! What the! Hey give that back!
Sakuya: By orders of Kudo, you two are to stop your annoyance! Time to get you two back into shape!
Kudo: Good, peace at quiet at last.
General: Lord General Kudryavka! We are currently laying siege to their base! Victory is ours! We’ll need relief soldiers…
Kudo: You’ll get your relief soldiers when you’re done mopping up. Finish them already. I have other matters to attend to!
General: Yes, of course! For the Emperor!
Sakuya: Alright girls! Don’t stop! You better get up to 100 in this one set or else! Half way! come on!
Mari: Oh god…no more, my abs…
Sakuya: Who told you to stop?! KEEP DOING IT!
Mari: Oooof! MY ABS! AGH!
Aoi: … 198…199…200…
Sakuya: Alright girls! Push ups! Give me a 100! Doing push ups can also make your chest look slightly bigger too! It’s a great incentive! Come on!
Mari: Ugh. My abs still hurt…
Sakuya: How big of a disappointment are you? Father loves you and all, but you really need to pick it up! EARN YOUR KEEP! (Kick)
Mari: T_T
Aoi: 201…202… oh whoops. Supposed to stop at 200… gotta switch arms.
Mari looks exhausted.
Aoi: Nee-chan… you doing ok?
Mari: …
Sakuya: Aoi!
Aoi: !! Don’t tell me there is more!
Sakuya: You earned the rest of the day off. Here’s the laptop back. I must say I’m rather surprised at your immense strength.
Aoi: Yay! I can wield a two hander pretty easily… but I prefer not to.
Sakuya: I look forward to testing your skills next…
Aoi: Hehe… headshot.
Mari is still in a state of defeat.
Mari: !
Mari: …Sakuya?
Sakuya: You failed the physical exam… that’s no good. You’re going to have to do extra work until you pass… Don’t worry about time… I’ll just lock you in a timeless space… PLENTY of time to better yourself in there…
Will Mari survive the infinity boot camp?! Probably not. At least Aoi get’s to play now.

Until next week! Stay tuned to Gamer Anime Complex!

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