Aoi and Mari’s Game Reviews! LINK ATTACKS!

It’s been a while! Sorry! Lately, I’ve been very pre occupied with games and being tired and running low on ideas. Which is why I present to you a new segment! Hosted by my lovely Aoi and Mari. Enjoy!


Mari: AOI! Where are you?! I won’t hurt you!

Aoi: (quietly hums Batman theme)
Mari: AOI!

Mari: Grrr..

Mari: You can’t hide forever!

Aoi: Gotcha!
Mari: Gah! Hahaha where are you grabbing me?!

Aoi: We finally got our own segment Mari!
Mari: Yes we finally did! We’re finally useful again!
Aoi & Mari: Welcome to Game Reviews with Aoi and Mari~! Yay!
Aoi: Title still pending…

Mari: Let’s start off with Batman!
Aoi: As you clearly witnessed, Batman is so awesome that we just had to play Batman and thugs! Sneaking in the shadow, beating the opponents into crap! breaking bones! solving crime!
Mari: I want everyone to watch this 10 minute clip below! and let us explain to you why Batman Arkham City kicks so much ass.

Aoi: As we can clearly see, the graphics are top notch and the gritty atmosphere of Batman is perfectly implemented!
Mari: Most of you should know that this is the sequel to Batman Arkham Asylum. Since then, the game has improved quite a bit!
Aoi: Let’s start off with the environment. We’re looking at a small sized city in which Batman may roam freely. Hunting anyone down in the streets and beating them up. Less boundaries means more fun!
Mari: Also, there are now a few extra gadgets to play around with too! Like Mr. Freeze’s ice grenade or the gun jammer!
Aoi: The main story is pretty damn entertaining too. Though if you had an entire day, you could beat the main story fairly quickly.
Mari: But, the main story itself is probably only 20-30% of the game. There are many Riddler trophies, side missions involving other villians to investigate and fight and as well as being able to play Catwoman and missions with her as well!
Aoi: Let’s get to combat. The combat remains the same as the first game. A very solid fighting system and 100% visually pleasing. With added gadgets, moves and takedowns, this makes for an orgasmic game!
Mari: What do we give this game Aoi?
Aoi: Duh. 10/10
Mari: Agreed. For those people playing Skyrim, come on. Batman. Batman could beat up everyone in Skyrim.

Mari: Next on the list. We imported the highly anticipated Tales of Xillia!! 15th Anniversary of the Tales series!
Aoi: I must say, despite playing not that many Tales games, this has got to be one of the best.
Mari: Story is great and deep as usual. As expected from a JRPG. Playable characters are fewer than usual, but that’s alright. I like most of them and that leaves room for more development.
Aoi: Milla Maxwell is so beautiful!
Mari: Let’s not forget the Grade A voice actors lending their talents such as Tomokazu Sugita… oh man, that sexy voice. And Sawashiro Miyuki voice is perfect for the female lead.
Aoi: Those that have played Tales games should be familiar with the combat system. It’s a small battlefield with 4 characters. In THIS Tales game, they added a new system called the Link system.
Mari: This system combines two character’s attack into a very powerful and visually pleasing move. Watch the Link Artes Exihibition video below and tell me that isn’t pleasing in any way.

Aoi: Mmmm… aside from combat, the graphics are vastly improved over our previous Tales favorite, Tales of Vesperia.
Mari: Improvements all around the board. Though the only thing that could use more work, would be the music.
Aoi: Namco Bandai loves to hire a certain person called Matoi Sakuraba. He is in charge of the music. Don’t get me wrong, he does great stuff, but when he is used in almost every game now… you kinda hear the similarities and start to confuse or get bored of him.
Mari: Well, what do we give this game Aoi?
Aoi: Great JRPG, this game gets a 9/10. GET A NEW PERSON TO DO THE MUSIC!

Aoi and Mari: That’s all for this time! Until next time! On… you know. Our show! We’ll figure a name next time!

Now onto the shenanigans.

Yuzuki: Let me get this straight. After playing hours of Tales of Xillia. You want to do a Link attack on me for practice, because I can’t die?
Aoi and Mari: Yes.
Yuzuki: I don’t have a say in this do I?
Aoi and Mari: No.


Aoi: Secret Art! Flash strike!
(Yuzuki is launched into the air)

Mari: Heavenly double knee drop!
(Mari descends hard from the sky and into Yuzuki’s stomach)

Mari: Well, how was that?
Yuzuki: It worked. But it’s not as cool as the game clearly.
Mari: How dare you! I’ll shoot your face now!

Kudo: Oooh… you do wonders on my shoulders Sakuya.
Sakuya: I’m pleased you are enjoying it Kudo.

Kudo: Ugh. What was that?
Sakuya: Sounded like gunfire.
Kudo: I suppose I’ll have to investigate….

Kudo: What’s happening here?
Yuzuki: The girls were practicing Link attacks Lord General.

Kudo: Oh is that right? Let me show you a real Link Artes attack! SAKUYA!

Sakuya: At once. (TIME STOP)

Sakuya pats Kudo’s head, by touching her, Kudo is now free from Time Stop.
Kudo: Always feels strange to be released from your time stop.

Kudo: EEEEH! EEEEH! I can’t reach! SAKUYA!

Kudo: Move closer.
Sakuya: Yes Kudo *pant pant* Kudo’s on my back… I can feel her warmth…
Kudo: I can hear you…


Kudo: Ok, stop your Time Stop. Let’s go back to work.

Mari: What happened?
Aoi: I think Sakuya used Time Stop and Kudo must’ve…
Yuzuki: Little help?

Aoi and Mari: AAAAAAAAAAA!
Yuzuki: Yeah… no idea what hit me, but I assume it was the Lord General. Could you fetch my body?

Yuzuki: This is going to take some time to recover…

Sakuya: So… want to ride on my back again?
Kudo: …No. Get back to rubbing my shoulders.

That’s all for tonight! Stay tuned! Something SERIOUS will happen soon! Find out what! next time on Gamer Anime Complex!

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