Enter the Atmosphere!!

Tabasco, Vodka, Tomato juice. You can get a very spicy drink(level 3) or not so spicy(level 1) drink.


Lemon is for decoration or extra…sourness.

I need a kicker for the long night ahead to make up for yeaterday’s lack of play


Warhammer and I will be back later to give a hands on first thoughts. Simply put so far, massive improvement!

Who is Warhammer? Stay tuned to find out!!!

About Ichi Roll

東大先端研|支援情報システム RCAST|Assistive Technology
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2 Responses to Enter the Atmosphere!!

  1. Q says:

    I like the Z’gok coaster XD

    I am waiting for Asia version of FFXIII-2 to come (Japanese vocal w/ Chinese/English subtitles). Looking forward to hear your first impressions of the game. My sister is currently catching up so I won’t have to fight for the PS3 later on!

    • Ichi Roll says:

      Is that what that coaster is?!? Haha I had no idea TBH =P

      I’m writing up my impressions now, too little time before my real holiday begins. Simply put there are improvements but the battle system is still boring.

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