Seed Destiny Cocktail Fair!


It’s that time again!! Gundam cocktails!!! I should add a new category to this…

Today is the Kira Yamato, part of the Seed Destiny Fair going on right now until mid March. The Seed Destiny Fair has many interesting drinks to choose from and are only available for a limited time. Each takes its name from the character it represents so there’s nothing complex like “Enter the Atmosphere” *Bonus point if someone can get the name in Japanese(Google won’t help =P)

This has a brandy base which immediately interested me. The taste is fruity yet sour and even becomes a nice green if mixed!

Impressed? Definitely! Favourite? Very close. Hyaku Shiki still sits on top but there’s a good martini from this Fair that may rival it!

Til next drink!

About Ichi Roll

東大先端研|支援情報システム RCAST|Assistive Technology
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2 Responses to Seed Destiny Cocktail Fair!

  1. Galamirix says:

    Because Hyaku Shiki is the goldest and the best.

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