Decisions Decisions

Today we have two polls! So be sure to vote for BOTH! As stated by Kudo last time, Sakuya has left the base in order to obtain other supplies with the Shigematsu Faction.
Sakuya: Annabella, I see you are well.

Annabella: Quite, come this way.

Annabella: We have a customer.

Kyouko: Most welcome! I am Kyouko, you will be dealing with me today.
Sakuya: Very well.

Sakuya: So, as you may or may not know, the Imperium is currently engaged in a civil war between Kudo and Nero’s forces. I am here to see what you can offer us.

Kyouko: Well, at the moment, we can offer three things.
A) Mercenaries. We can provide you with a squad of elite soldiers. They have served the Shigematsu Faction for a long time and have seen much battle. They are specialists in ALL fields.
B) Oliberator Cannon support. For 24 hours we can and will annihilate any thing that moves wherever you want it. It fires 10 rounds per minute, each round can level an entire skyscraper. I think this would work nicely with securing the airfields?
C) An untested gas weapon. This weapon is built to supposedly weaken anything, it doesn’t kill or harm but it can severely decrease the strength, dexterity, constitution and the mind of anyone caught in it’s blast radius.

Sakuya: Hmmm…

Sakuya: Well, how much are each option?

Kyouko: Not cheap of course. Also, anyone else who pays higher than you will get it instead of you… We aren’t specifically loyal to anyone, we are just arms dealers. A) Will cost you 200 million. B) Is the most costly at 1 billion, those shells are very expensive after all. And for a 24 hour period, that’s 14400 shells. Basically, rounded up, 70 thousand a shot. However, I assure you, nothing around that airfield will be left alive. Or where ever you wish to have it. C) The gas… well the gas will cost you something around 50 million. You get a single use shell that you can fire from a mortar. It has an excellent blast radius and will last around an hour, therefore wind can carry it around, making it even deadlier.

Sakuya: Hmm… currently Imperial Funds are at 10 Billion… 1 Billion for Obliterator support sounds wonderful… but that’s 10% of our current funds… what to do? Can we trust an experimental weapon or the mercenaries… hmm. My decision will affect the outcome of the war… Kudo! Father! Guide me!

Nero: Muwahaha! Front gate is all mine!

Nero: So my dear sister, where do you think we should attack next? We cannot progress up the stairs just yet, resistance is too strong. So, The Grand Hall (Living Room) or the closest Supply Depot (Kitchen)?

Alter: *Drooool* *Slurp* SUPPLIES!

Nero: Hm, well according to the scouts, the Supply Depot is currently guarded by the powerful Aoi. She alone can cut down thousands, her abilities with a katana is nearly unmatched. It’s been heard that she once cut down a rocket coming straight for her… only one scout of the 10 we sent to investigate came back…

Nero: And as for the Grand Hall… we have the Immortal Yuzuki. Despite each daughter of the Emperor is Indomitable, Yuzuki’s ability to resurrect is the strongest and fastest out of all of us. Taking the Grand Hall shouldn’t be as much of a problem as the Supply Depot… but Yuzuki will not go down easily…or at all.

Nero: Taking the Supply Depot will cost us soldiers… Taking the Grand Hall will cost us time… which is better.
Alter: FOOD!
Nero: Hush you.

That’s it for this episode of the Civil War! The current advantage hasn’t changed! Nero still holds the advantage! The polls will be locked in about 6 days! Before next Sunday! So vote vote vote! Until next time on Gamer Anime Complex!

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