Happy Birthday Kudo~

Didn’t get a meet going on for Kudo’s birthday, because I almost completely forgot. XD. Kudo doesn’t like crowds anyways. So it was a small celebration in comparison to Aoi and Mari’s party. Kudo’s birthday was on the 24th. Cake was not had until the 26th.

My dearest Kudo has been with me for a year now. Though I usually don’t enjoy picking favorites, Kudo definitely holds a solid position. Happy Birthday Kudo. May all your enemies fall to your fist on this day and for all days to come.
Perfect cake for my devilish girl.

Kudo: Next time, get a bigger cake.
Everyone: …no way we can finish this.

We didn’t have a lighter at the time, so a friend proposed we used the stove, set fire to paper towel, and light the candle. That didn’t go well. Paper towel was definitely on fire. Candle was not XD. Went out and bought a lighter after making a mess. Sorry Shigematsu Faction!

Until next time on Gamer Anime Complex!

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