Counter Attack!

Hey everyone that still even bothers to visit this site! Sorry! IVE BEEN SUPER LAZY. That is all. I was going to do the photo story about a week or two ago but Saber Alter was stained… and that’s a big reason she’s dressed up the way she is now XD.

Also, despite always saying there will be more updates, there will DEFINITELY be an update within two weeks after this one, and you’ll see why! Anyways enjoy!

Nero: Hmmmm… some fancy dud round…

Nero: …Or is it a dud round? Been several days since we took the Grand Hall… nothing has happened.

Alter: Why so obsessed with a dud round? Just let it be. Garbage it already.

Nero: Where have you been?
Alter: Took a shower.
Nero: There’s a shower in the Grand Hall?
Alter: Nah… I used the hose that was outside.
Nero: … Ah.

Nero: *Cough cough* What?! *cough* I don’t *Cough* cough!

Alter: *Cough cough cough* I feel a bit light headed… *cough*

Nero: I knew it! *cough* It has to be this thing! We have to retreat! *cough* This thing probably gets better the longer we are around it *cough* or the gas was released the first time it impacted… *Cough*

Nero: All forces! Clear the area *Cough cough*

Sakuya: Oh the area is cleared all right… of your forces. And if you didn’t get it because the gas is making you kinda stupid, I meant we killed them all.

Nero: Bah! *Cough* Sakuya! *Cough*
Alter: Damn it *cough* I can’t materialize my sword! *Cough*
Nero: Nor can I! DAMN *cough*

Sakuya: Yes yes, awful shame, time for your ass kicking!

Nero & Alter: RUN!

*Pew pew pew*

Nero: I thought I saw something up there… *Cough*

*SLAM* (Iron Man Style)

*Pat pat* *wipe wipe*

Kudo: Noumi Kudryavka, High Lord of Tera, IS HERE! Been a while since we last met. Back then you were still loyal to me. Oh well! Now then… what will you do? I would prefer that you surrender… or fight. Fighting is much more fun.

Nero: … Ugh, don’t feel good… what should we do?
Alter:… *cough cough* Getting…dizzy.

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Check in within a week or two for the next exciting story in the Civil War! Until next time! On Gamer Anime Complex!

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