Mini Campus Tour

Haven’t posted in a while, so I wanted to share a little bit about my campus and what it looks like for those interested. A few months ago we had an open campus that was to show all of the research that goes on. It was a good chance to get some good pictures because the weather was perfect(except for a single 20 minute waterfall downpour) I didn’t get as many as I wanted so I’ve also included some from other seasons to complete the tour. I unfortunately don’t have any from fall which sucks because it’s my favourite. Regardless, enjoy!
The campus is easily accessed from the station, and the clock tower can be seen immediately.

Up close and personal.

For those curious, this isn’t “the” clock tower that the university is famous for. That one is on another campus on the other side of Tokyo. My campus is called Komaba while the other is called Hongo.Hongo’s Clock Tower Auditorium.

Komaba is a weird campus because we’re separated into two campuses. One is for the undergraduate students while the other is for Post-Graduates focusing specifically on Science and Technology.Undergrad Campus after a good snow storm. This was all gone 8-9 hours later.

My campus has its own red brick clock tower too.Main Entrance to Komaba Campus #2.

We’re also separated into two groups. Institute of Industrial Science is one…
and the much longer named Research Center for Advanced Science and Technology(RCAST) which I belong to is the other. The clock tower is ours! but we don’t have a sign… =(

What I love most about it here is the ability of it to change its appearance every season.Winter



..No Fall =(

The campus also has quite a unique building that is powered by the sun and stands out a little bit from the rest.As seen from the ground.
As seen from our Lab.

You’d have to ask Industrial Science how it works, it’s their building.


From my lab I get a great view. I can see Shinjuku to the left(hard to get a picture) and in the distance…Past the Clock Tower is…The Sky Tree!

It’s funny to look at at night because it literally pulses every other second and has a police light like rotation. (Skip ahead to 40s)Also of note is the complete darkness around it. Cool sight really!

..And that pretty much sums up my photo gallery. That is unless you’re interested in seeing things like Wind Turbine tunnels and Augmented Reality stuff, robots etc… I can post that too if you like but kept it more to the visuals I see almost every day/season on my way in and out.

Hope you enjoyed them!

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東大先端研|支援情報システム RCAST|Assistive Technology
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