Genius Child! 9th Daughter of the Imperium!

New update! And yes! As the title suggests, my long awaited custom Daughter is completed! Thanks to those that assisted in her creation!

Make sure you play this while you read through this short story!


?: Looks like i’m almost home fufufu~ Certainly has been a long trip. Perhaps i’ll go pick some flowers.

?: *humming* Ooooo plenty of flowers here. I wonder if my sisters will like them?

?: These ones are big!

?: Hmm… Am i even going the right way? Oh well!

?: More flowers! These ones aren’t too pretty though.

?: Much better!

?: Hmm… I’ve been gone for way too long… but I guess there is a civil war… These must be Nero’s supplies… and no one guarding them… Oh well.

?: Awww… The damage to our home.. I’ll need to stop this.

?: I guess I’ll barge in through the front door.

Hakase: HAKASE’S HOME~! With my massive intellect I shall stop this! After I find some roll cake to eat~

That’s it for now! Stay tuned for the exciting 2-3 part conclusion to the civil war! Until next time on Gamer Anime Complex!!

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