My Doll Family

Many moons ago, I would have never thought of owning dolls… and here I am. As part of my love for Anime, I have been made aware by Danny Choo of the existence of these dolls.

It started with my love for the anime character Saber. Danny Choo’s first Dollfie Dream was DD Saber, which I absolutely fell for. I have done much research on costs, maintenance and so forth over many many months. Finally, I decided that I wanted one, and Saber was available second hand at a store in Japan. On my trip to Japan, I failed to obtain Saber, as she was snatched away from me a day too late. After all the time spent investing in research, I decided I really wanted one anyways and went to an official Volks store and not only obtain a standard model, but also a limited edition as well!

So I went home with two Dollfie Dreams, and not only were they still awesome to have, it opened up the world to other dolls and meeting new people. Though it certainly busts a massive hole in your wallet, I definitely have no regrets. Below is my DD Family and their bios. My family is ever expanding!

1st/Eldest Daughter/Older Twin Sister: Mari Makinami Illustrious aka Mari
Birthday: Sept 22nd, 2010
Role in my Imperium: Commando
Weapon preference/strengths: Mechs and ranged weapons
Favorite colors: Red, Black and Pink
Likes: Pranks, Giant weapons of mass destruction, Games, Anime/Manga.
Dislikes: Bratty little kids, Anyone sexier than she is.
Affiliation: Kudo’s Forces

Mari enjoys life at my house and with her sisters. Though she is more or less found fooling around, playing pranks and teasing her sisters, Mari loves and cares for them dearly. Mari tends be full of herself, which is occasionally problematic, though recently it has toned down.  Mari often watches her sisters and father from a distance, ensuring their safety. She usually joins in later to play when the area is safe.

Mari is my first limited DD. Luckily for me she was available at the Volks shop and I immediately wanted her. At first I thought it was display only, but I was very pleased she was on sale. Her glasses sadly broke, as did all other Mari owners… and not only that, her twin tails came undone and now I either tie them myself or keep the hair as is. However manually tying her hair might damage the wig, I decided to have her hair kept down, plus it’s actually quite sexy.

2nd Daughter/Younger of the Twins: Aoi
Birthday: Sept 22nd, 2010
Role in my Imperium: Bodyguard
Weapon preference/strengths: Close ranged weaponry, preferably swords
Favorite colors: Blue, White, Black
Likes: Kendo, Playing with Kudo, Adorable things, Anime/Manga.
Dislikes: Dirty things.
Affiliation: Kudo’s Forces

Aoi is the younger twin sister of Mari. They may not look like twins but they are. Usually quiet and calm. Not only is she quiet, she is also a clumsy one, though she is still extremely effective when serious. She is often found following her sister or father around and rarely says a word. Teased often by her older sister Mari. Aoi finds herself the butt end of everyone’s pranks. However, if given the opportunity, she may find herself joining in on the silliness. Despite all, she loves her family very much and, according to her, wouldn’t change a thing.

I bought Aoi also because it was Danny Choo’s coverage on his Aoi. I absolutely loved Aoi’s expression and immediately want her for myself. Since she is a standard model that can be obtained at any time, there was no trouble for me getting Aoi when I was in the Volks store. Since I bought her along with Mari at the same time, that makes them twins.

3rd Daughter: Noumi Kudryavka aka Kudo (Full Russia name: Kudryavka Anatolyevna Strugatskaya)
Birthday: May 24th, 2011
Role in my Imperium: Strategist/Lord General/High Lord of Terra
Weapon preference/Strengths: War fan. Also a master of all martial arts. Her mind and especially her words. Master of Papa’s Invincible Emperor Fist!
Favorite colors: Silver, Black
Likes: Papa! Being Superior! Action! World Domination! Her sisters (though she doesn’t admit it), Whatever Papa likes.
Dislikes: Everyone else, ESPECIALLY if they call her Kudo, which is a reserved right for Papa. Sakuya so far, is the only sister that can call her Kudo.

Kudo is usually found hanging around me, her Papa. Mean to all with the exception of her Papa. Her one purpose is to conquer the world and unify the world for Papa. Due to her superiority complex, she often looks down on everyone including her sisters. She is slowly beginning to enjoy time with her sisters and slowly shows some respect for them. Deep down, everyone knows she loves her family, but as the Lord General of the Imperium, she has to keep her image of being the most frightful being next to Papa. Also often found playing with Aoi… such as Master and Slave… seems though Aoi doesn’t mind and continues playing big sis with Kudo.

Kudo is my first Mini Dollfie Dream as well as my first attempt at entering the Volks lottery system. I wanted a MDD and was presented an opportunity to obtain her, being a fan of Little Busters! and just her general adorableness, I had to get her. Though I questioned her face mold when looking at pics online, I no longer regret getting her when I got her in person. I was very pleased to have won the right to buy her.

Oh dear.

4th Daughter: Izayoi Sakuya
BirthdayAugust 23rd, 2011
Role in my Imperium
Weapon preference/Strengths
Knives. Also capable of stopping time for brief periods.
Favorite colors
White, Blue
Cleanliness, Knives, Tea, Strong People, Kudo
Dirtiness, Lazy People
Affiliation: Kudo’s Forces

When not out around the world assassinating key targets for the Imperium, Sakuya can be found at home cleaning and being around her Father. Generally mature and gentle. However if challenged or annoyed, Sakuya can be agitated and usually the end result of such matters involve the entire place skewered with knives. Highly respects skill and power. Her first encounter with Kudo which lead to Sakuya’s surprising defeat, has left Sakuya in awe, thus Kudo is one of Sakuya’s highly respected sisters . However, her views on Aoi and Mari are less due to their lazy and fun loving nature. If not cleaning or helping her Father and Kudo, Sakuya can be found training others (usually Aoi and Mari) or improving on her own abilities, whether it brewing tea or throwing knives.

I always had an immense fascination with characters with white-ish/grey hair (I know her DD wig isn’t really either those colors…), and especially blades of any sort. Sakuya is by far one of my favorite Touhou girls. Though generally I’m not into maids, I do absolutely love maids that are strong. Sakuya is my first Touhou DD and has the DDIII body. Very flexible. This is also the first time I used another source outside of Volks to assist in my purchasing. I’m loving Sakuya, the new body and the fact that she has an awesome maid outfit.


5th Daughter: Ryougi Shiki
August 31st, 2011
Role in my Imperium
Unaffiliated, though tends to hang around closely to Kudo’s forces.
Weapon preference/Strengths
Knives and katanas.  Possesses the Mystic Eyes of Death Perception… can kill anything, even God. When wielding a katana, her physical abilities are increased several times by “Self Suggestion”.
Favorite colors
Hagaan Daz Strawberry Ice Cream, sharp things.
Everything else
Affiliation: Kudo’s Forces (Maybe)

Shiki’s purpose is unknown. All the family knows is that she exists to kill, sleep and laze around the house and eat Haagen Daz Strawberry Ice Cream. She isn’t particularly loyal to anyone, however she normally hangs/sleeps around Kudo’s forces. Rarely speaks, rarely does anything. However, the civil war seems to have sparked a lot more action from her as of late. She’s not as hostile to her Father in comparison to everyone else. It is unknown how much she actually care for her sisters.

Shiki is my very first custom creation. SQ Lab Yukari head with faceup by the talented Navci. I have always loved Ryougi Shiki and her powers. As a fan of Kara no Kyoukai and all things Type Moon, I knew I needed to create Shiki. Her eyes are also custom made glow in the dark eyes from a site called Ersa Flora. Everything she wears is also custom, as it hard to find a plain blue kimono and especially hard to find a badass red leather jacket. Her hair was the 2nd hardest thing to get right. I bought two long black wigs that I cut and messed up and finally the third one worked well to my tastes. This project took a great deal of time and I must say it worked out well in the end.


6th Daughter: Yuzuki
BirthdayOctober 14th, 2011
Role in my ImperiumForce Commander
Weapon preference/StrengthsHammers. Martial Arts. Indomitable.
Favorite colorsBlack, Green
LikesEveryone. Cute things.
Dislikes Obnoxious people.
Affiliation: Kudo’s Forces

Yuzuki is an outstanding Force Commander. Mature, intelligent and beautiful. She has seen many years of service and has grown very wise. Her greatest asset is the ability Indomitable. Every daughter has Indomitable, which resurrects the fallen daughter after a certain period of time. The worse the damage, the longer it takes. However, Yuzuki’s primary ability is Indomitable, what would takes several days for the other girls to resurrect, would only take Yuzuki a few hours or minutes. She is extremely loyal and fond of Kudo, and has always acted as an adviser to her. Despite rarely being listened to, and being used as a punching bag. She loves her sisters very much. She isn’t too keen about the civil war though, as she must fight her other sisters.

Yuzuki is my very first resin girl. I immediately wanted her after seeing her (and at a discount too) on Alice Collections. Definitely cheaper than a DD by quite a bit. Her face up was also done by Navci. Yuzuki will probably be the only resin girl for a while. It’s very hard for me to find one I really like. Yuzuki was the rare blue moon, so it’ll be a while before I get another. If I do, I hope to get ones of different sizes. Yuzuki is also the only one so far that I attempt to look for new wigs and eyes for, where as all my other girls are pre-set characters.


7th Daughter/Older Sister: Saber Extra aka Nero Claudius Caesar Augustus Germanicus
BirthdayMarch 22nd, 2012
Role in my Imperium:
Lord General of the Crusades
Weapon preference/Strengths
Her Sword: Aestus Estus: The Embryonic Flame. Aestus Domus Aurea: Golden Theater Swing (Creates the Golden Theatre of the Deranged, an Absolute Imperial Zone where none may leave without her permission)
Favorite colors
Red, Gold, White
Conquest! The Imperium!
Everything that is inferior to her.

Nero once worked for Kudo, and was sent off on a long crusade to conquer parts of the Galaxy and Earth. However, over time, her own ambitions started to grow. That very ambition exploded when she found out Kudo became the High Lord of Terra. So Nero had all her loyal crusaders follow her instead and launched a series of attacks on Kudo. Using propaganda, she wishes to take the position of High Lord of Terra from Kudo and gain the greatest favor from Father. Nero is not evil, and she has nothing but the Imperium’s interests at heart and wishes nothing but the best for it.

I have always wanted DD Saber… and she was very close to becoming my very first Dollfie Dream. As mentioned at the top, I failed by just a day. Now with Type Moon’s 10th Anniversary, I was given the opportunity to guarantee myself a Saber of a sort. Volks was accepting pre orders for both Saber Extra (Nero) and Saber Alter. I had to have both. I never liked Saber Lily since they changed her mold and face up. But Nero has the same mold as Saber and Saber Alter. Thus I ended up preordered both Nero and Alter. My love for Sabers is undying. Just because I have Nero and Alter now, doesn’t mean I don’t want the original!


8th Daughter/Younger Sister: Saber Alter aka Arturia Pendragon
BirthdayMarch 22nd, 2012
Role in my Imperium
Force Commander of the Crusades
Weapon preference/Strengths
Her Sword: Excalibur
Favorite colors
Black, White
Food, Nero, Destroying things.
Whatever Nero doesn’t like.
Affiliation: Nero’s Forces

Alter has always followed Nero around. They are rarely seen separated. She only cares for Nero and Father and thinks nothing of her other sisters. Her appetite is the greatest of all the sisters. Her hunger is a great priority in any situation. Due to her never ending hunger, you can find Alter leading attacks and raids on enemy supply depots. That is always her first priority, unless Nero says otherwise. Despite being Saber Alter, she is not that evil at all and is rather obedient,

Alter is the closest doll in similarity to the original Saber. (Well of course, she’s just the evil version of her). Therefore, because she is the very character I love, but evil, I must own her. If you want to know more, just read Saber Extra/Nero’s bio.

5 Responses to My Doll Family

  1. lt_sid8 says:

    darn i honestly don’t remember my girl’s bday T_T
    i know i paid on the 14th june, and it arrived on a thursday, and definitely still june.
    the only day that fits is the 24th lol
    so june 24th it is then…

  2. chun says:

    World Dollmination ;D
    Hmm Aoi chan was very successful showing pantsu… I remember it well *rubs chin*

  3. Hrmm… birthdays… Need to find a right date for Helen… Too many dates to think of since I bought the body and head separately ^^; Maybe April 1st :P As for the Pureneemos, they’ll have the characters’ birthdays. Easy!

    Gratz on your big family!

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